Most people today have access to either a laptop, desktop, or mobile phone. In this age of the Internet making money online has never been easier or simpler than just a few clicks !


As a work from  home mum I am always looking for ways to supplement my income and I have tried a lot of online jobs. Some have proved as an excellent source of extra income , whilst others not so much. Yes, like most off you who are new to this, I had visions off instant cash and lots off shopping sprees.


Alas those leather boots I wanted are still on my wishlist!crying


Don't be fooled!


Yes you can make a tidy some of money doing surveys etc online, but don't expect to get rich overnight. 

It takes patience and time, but if you find the right sites the rewards are awesome!


Today I am reviewing the first site i registered on and yes it is still one off the best ones I work on !





 THE PANELSTATION has been around for a few years and have over 2.7 million members worldwide.

They simply pay you for taking a wide range off surveys on their site with points and you can redeem these points for CASH, GIFTCARDS etc.


The whole process is VERY simple , and trust me when you have cooking cleaning and kids to see to, simple is a dream come trueheart


Step 1

Sign up via a simple registration process that takes 5 mins or less


Step 2

Answer a few simple questions about your likes, dislikes 


Step 3........... Start taking surveys and earning points!!!



The Rewards

Yes we all want to know what you get out off it so heres a brief breakdown:


- Surveys are sent to you via your email 


- Each survey is between 250 to 500 points and about 20 mins each


-you are credited as soon as the survey is done and once you reach 3000 points you can choose to redeem it for cash via PAYPAL which can then be deposited to you bank account (for SOUTH AFRICAN members this is done via FNB and you don't need an FNB account )




You can choose to redeem it for a gift card via Amazon, etc


Money is available in a week or your voucher is emailed to you within a week to use on the shopping site you chose!



I have been with THE PANELSTATION for a month now and I redeemed my first 3000 points in mid August. It took me about a week and a half to accumulate 3000, but I also missed a lot off surveys, due to being ill and general mummy duties blush


I chose the Takealot voucher which was for R75 (South African Rand) and I received the voucher a week later in my email. 

I went onto the Takealot website and chose a lovely BadGirl watch for my 16 year old and entered in the voucher code. 

Because it was my first purchase my delivery from Takealot was FREE!!!!heartheart

The watch was delivered 5 days later!!


I am now well on my way to my next 3000 points and will be redeeming them soon!


For me THE PANELSTATION has been an awesome way to earn rewards and cash and I recommend it if you are a stay at home mum, student, scholar or just someone wanting to earn that extra cash or rewards!


It is available WORLDWIDE !!


Available for mobile phones !!




Let me know in the comments about your experiences with THE PANELSTATION and questions are always welcome heart





My first redeemed gift for 3000 points!!! A BadGirl chunky bracelet watch from Takealot which was delivered 5 days after ordering!!!!